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Today thousands of Americans will march on Washington DC to support the God-given right to life for all human beings, including the unborn. I am very proud to hear that President Trump and Vice President Pence are supporting the march this year. Maybe even the so-called mainstream media will cover it for once. I pray they do so the world can see we Americans are not all committed to ending the lives of the unborn for our own convenience, especially since they gave so much coverage to the Women’s march last weekend..

For a patriot like me, the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution are very close to my heart. After 32 years of supporting and defending the ideals of America’s founding documents as an aviator and commander in the United States Air Force, I feel these ideals have become a part of me.  When America declared our independence from England, we said it was because some truths are self-evident and that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.  These Creator-endowed rights include, but are not limited to, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The right to life is the very first right we listed.

One very important concept in the Declaration is that the natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are given to us by our Creator, not by men.  If we ever believe that men give us these rights, then we know that men can also take them away.  The Declaration goes on to say that in order “to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men.”  The government of the United States of America was established to secure the God-given right to life.  Yet, over 58 million of our children have been denied their lives since the judicial branch of government rescinded that God-given right in 1973.  What happened to “safe, legal, and rare?”  We know that less than one percent of those 58 million abortions were due to rape, incest, or risk to maternal life.  Therefore, we also know that the vast majority of abortions occur simply because mom and dad do not want to take on the responsibilities of their actions.  Convenience is not a reason to deny life.

One of the programs Air Force commanders are responsible for is called “Culture of Responsible Choices.”  It is a four-tiered approach with emphasis on leadership, individual, base, and community-level involvement -- underscoring responsible behavior.  A culture of responsibility is something America has lost.  Instead of taking responsibility for our massive national debt, for example, our politicians continue to “purchase” votes by giving away free stuff with your money and plan on having your children and grand-children pay for it all.  I am now active in political life so I can do my part to bring a culture of responsibility back to Washington DC and our culture in general.

My youngest son, William, was born when I was 43 years old.  I can tell you, the news of having another child at that age came as quite the surprise!  What a joy he is to me and Candy.  But whether he was a joy or not, I know I have the responsibility to care for the life I brought into this world.  My job in the Air Force was to protect American lives.  As Chairman of GatorPAC and as a citizen, I will continue to fight for the Creator-endowed, natural right to life, a right our government was originally created to secure.

I'm not a Liberal but ...

By: Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, creator of the Cap Black Street Patrol in New Orleans

By: Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, creator of the Cap Black Street Patrol in New Orleans

Editor: I'm not a liberal but get along fine with them, especially regarding opposing New Orleans street crime. This detente is particularly timely given progressive angst over President Donald Trump. My unity with folks whose ideology differs from mine is based upon creating safety without litmus tests. We agree that women being beaten in the streets by violent youth is unacceptable- period! When my volunteer street patrol began offering walking escorts at an area anchor institution, my supporters are women ( and men ) whose political party differs from mine. When threats are persistent enough, and solutions sincere enough, citizens seamlessly unite to produce relief. In a constitutional republic priding itself on participatory democracy, my non-partisan creation of safety beside liberals speaks volumes about how Americans can work together during this otherwise polarized time period. Promoting creating safety by heeding very real safety concerns is a traditional, dare I say " conservative " thing to do. No one is forced to change political beliefs while we change tactics to offset looming street crime. Safety, not ideology, is the top priority! - Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, creator of the Cap Black Street Patrol, whose volunteers offer walking escorts and victim advocacy. Contact: PO BOX 15585, New Orleans, La. 70115 and 504 214-3082

Dear U.S. Intelligence Community ...

Listen up folks you are really screwing up! I served with and supervised intelligence professionals many times in my more than three decades of service in uniform to the United States, including as a senior officer leading an intelligence unit. I am stunned at what I am seeing coming from your professional community and utterly dismayed at what sure looks like a series of politically motivated published intelligence reports and leaks of misinformation. These actions put intelligence information into the public domain without vetting, credibility, or authoritative support in order to de-legitimize a duly elected President of the United States in the weeks leading up to the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as our 45th President.

The latest is the fiasco that resulted in the release of false information from your profession through two media organizations who average citizens now know as fake news outlets, thanks to the courage and communications ability of the President-elect. I demand to see some resignations and retirements from this one.


Just the week before that damning release of misinformation, your agencies actually published a report making unsubstantiated assessments that Russia actually changed the outcome of a presidential election. I have read the report and its lousy work. Whoever approved it wasted American tax dollars. The thing is full of speculation highlighted by assessments that present NO EVIDENCE AS PROOF and not all intelligence agencies on the thing even agree with the presented assessments confidence level. Interestingly it does admit there is NO EVIDENCE Russia tampered with any election systems that could affect outcomes and clearly states the information released to the media by Wiki Leaks WAS NOT FORGED. Obviously, the information itself, accurate information from the Democrats and Mrs. Clinton herself, had some impact on the election but to link the outcomes specifically to successful Russian influence operations is unprofessional AND undermines our political process legitimacy, violating your oaths of office by causing grave damage to the United States.


Just days before the inauguration, civil rights movement hero John Lewis, a Democrat Party leader and sitting U.S. Congressman, publicly stated that Mr. Trump’s election, based on your release of information leading Americans to believe the Russians actually changed the outcome of the election, is not legitimate. John Brennan, out-going CIA Director, had the arrogant audacity to publicly rebuke the President-Elect on the national networks in a way that seemed threatening when he spoke about Mr. Trump’s reference to the Nazi Germany regime tactics of releasing false information to attack its political enemies. Well, if Mr. Brennan did not like the Nazi reference, maybe he should instruct his political hacks to knock off the leaking of this unvetted, not corroborated material! I for one, am ashamed to have ever been associated with the intelligence community and am calling you out to clean your own house. The American people expect you professionals to step forward and identify the political hacks that are doing this, and do it now for the sake of the intelligence community and the nation!

If I could, I would recommend President Trump appoint an investigation team immediately to get to the bottom of these illegal intelligence releases and the evidence supporting these poor assessments. His team needs to seek out and investigate each organization and individual who came to within three levels of the information production, exploitation, and dissemination process,  and that includes laterally, not just up and down the chain of supervision or command. Stephen K. Bannon should lead this team and be empowered to hire anyone he believes has the integrity and skill sets required to accomplish its mission. Only someone completely independent of the existing political and intelligence establishment like Mr. Bannon will garner the trust of the American people and believe me, the American people must have confidence in the investigations outcome. I am sure the average citizen will think as I do, it is high time for quite a few retirements in the politicized intelligence community and for new leadership at multiple levels.


John Lewis is My American Hero

John Lewis is My American Hero

I had the great honor of marching at the 50th anniversary of the Selma, Alabama march two years ago and one of its American heroes, John Lewis, has made statements that weigh heavily on my heart today.