Fiscal Policy

Rob does not believe we have a revenue problem in Louisiana, but a spending problem. He actively opposed increasing taxes in 2017 during the regular and special legislative sessions. Rob believes the first priority in our state should be tax policy reform and the starting point centered around a plan like the Pelican Institute's recently released report, Addressing Louisiana's Budget Shortfall: Strategies For Growth. Rob will apply his leadership skills to help Louisiana reach a tax policy solution that will make Louisiana competitive for business development.

Public Safety

As a national security expert, Colonel Maness is keenly aware of the impacts of terror group financial networks, boycotting Israel, and sanctuary city policies on Louisiana citizens safety and security. Thats why he supported bills in Louisiana this year that would prevent Louisiana state investments from reaching terrorist countries,  stop investing retirement funds in companies that Boycott Israel, and set policy that would prohibit cities from establishing sanctuary city policies for illegal aliens. You can watch his testimony at here.


As a disabled combat veteran himself, Rob knows why it is important to support the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs and reform of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Rob supported several veterans bills in 2017 and continues to advocate for federal reform of all VA programs.