St. Tammany Candidate Rob Maness Qualifies in Special Election for Legislature Seat

President Trump supporter, retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness, of Madisonville, qualified for the open Louisiana House of Representatives District 77 seat recently vacated by Rep John Schroder.

The New Orleans Advocate reported today, "St. Tammany Parish candidates running to fill vacancies in House District 77, the Parish Council and the 22nd Judicial District bench began qualifying Wednesday for the Oct. 14 special election. Qualifying ends Friday.

House District 77, which covers western St. Tammany including Covington, Madisonville and Folsom, has been represented by John Schroder, who resigned to run for state treasurer in a special election."

President Trump supporter, Rob Maness, of Madisonville, qualified early in the day.  

Rob and his wife Candy, a breast cancer survivor, both wore pink to honor former State Treasurer candidate Rep. Julie Stokes, who has been diagnosed with the disease.

Maness said, “St Tammany Parish is the greatest place in the world to raise a family. That's why the Maness family lives here. However, we see our neighbors' children forced to move to other states for opportunity because the high taxes and lack of progress in Baton Rouge is killing jobs. I am running to serve as District 77 State Representative to ensure that our son and our neighbors' children can find the opportunities and prosperity in St Tammany Parish that many are now forced to leave to find. I have the proven, experienced, leadership to help change things.

I’ll stand strong and work hard with everyone to restore our economic climate so new jobs won’t pass Louisiana by. Its high time we put St Tammany families first and ensure our children’s future. The status-quo of taking money from our pockets by raising taxes to fix problems won't create the opportunities our children deserve - I will go to Baton Rouge to change that.”