You'll Never Guess Who Coined President-Elect Trump’s ‘Drain the Swamp’ Phrase Years Ago

“Sarah Palin actually used the phrase ‘drain the swamp’ in a radio ad she did for me.” Those were my words when I was recently asked by Louisiana reporter Jeff Beimfohr where my use of the term Drain The Swamp in Washington D.C. came from for the political action committee I chair called GatorPAC.  Jeff's article was published statewide early this week and then John S. Roberts article at Young Conservatives, came out last night.

I am very grateful for Governor Palin’s support in both the 2014 and 2016 U.S. Senate campaigns I had the honor of running and it was she that came up with the call to action initially in the 2014 campaign. We adopted the call as the primary mission of GatorPAC in early 2015 as we created the committee to inspire and recruit constitutional conservative activists and citizen leaders who were committed to accountability in government, constitutional principles, and who wanted to help us promote policies that protect liberty, fight for limited government, create prosperity and keep the United States secure.  GatorPAC is the vehicle to give our activists the teeth and tools to take our government back from the career politicians and lobbyists, which are the gators that inhabit that Washington D.C. swamp! 

We here at GatorPAC are also overwhelmed that President-Elect Trump would borrow our call to action and extremely pleased he took it to the next level as he used it to further energize his winning campaign!  He has revolutionized presidential communications in an amazing way with his ability to take issues directly to the people, by-passing the lame-stream media and thecareer politicians, and we are proud to have played a small role in his success.

Considering what we are witnessing in the new Congress already, the need for GatorPAC and to #DrainTheSwamp has never been greater. Near unanimous re-election of past Senate and House GOP Leaders, a misguided attempt to weaken House ethics, passing a continuing resolution that adds $10 trillion to the national debt, and what appears to be an emerging attempt at sleight of hand with the Obamacare repeal all confirm our efforts to help President Trump are very important and need to be increased in their frequency and ferocity!  GatorPAC will be releasing the 2017 Drain The Swamp Survey results in just a few days and we will send each House and Senate member a letter showing what the people think should be the top priorities STARTING NOW!  Please subscribe to GatorPAC so we can put your name on the letter.

Listen to Governor Palin's Radio Ad from 2014 #DrainTheSwamp