These high death counts have occurred due to poor decisions by government decisionmakers and operators according to recent reporting. In fact, in my home Parish (county in Louisiana) nursing home deaths make up 50 percent of the total death count. As we reopen the country for business and move forward in our attempt to deal with the virus without a vaccine. It is critical government guidelines focus first on nursing homes, other congregant facilities, and the at-risk population but so far, I am not seeing this happening. I see that governments from the federal to the local are focused on mass population measures almost to the exclusion of protecting the people we know are in situations we have problems at or dealing with. I was shock ed to hear that there was no plan for testing every staff member daily for congregant facilities f=during a state level press conference announcing relaxation of some measures. Let me just say, if you are in government as a medical adviser and leader to a governor opening a state, you better have a testing plan for congregant facilities of all types, beginning with nursing homes. If your state has policies forcing COVID-19 patients to be placed in nursing homes, change them now. If you don’t have policies to test staff’s in each type of facility daily until a vaccine is ready, do it. If you haven’t established policies for symptom checking and screening family visitors for these facilities, then do it. If you don’t, you are sentencing the folks that live in the nursing home to death and ensuring other facilities such as prisons, get the disease at a higher rate. States need to end this unreasonable focus on ludicrous enforcement actions and mass population control measures and get to work with real prevention policies that will have the desired effect until we get a vaccine. No other measures will work so stop sentencing our grandparent’s to death with these stupid policies