The terrorism continues and Joe Biden’s supporters aren’t even being named by him or the Democrat Party. I know you’ve heard about this incessantly from me before and I’m not going to stop speaking out. Now we have the assignation attempt on two police officers in Los Angeles and regardless of who the perp is, the climate of racial division being generated by Biden, his party, and their propaganda cohorts in the main stream media, is absolutely responsible. These leftists have taken their party and its voters to socialism. I’m not being hyperbolic here, the facts support what I have ben saying and not what Biden and his leftists continue to say. They try to pin the divisiveness on the President and even more insulting, on folks like you and me. I for one, will keep speaking out and focusing on the real causes, not the minuscule number of incidents the leftists and terror arms Black Lives Matter and Antifa are trying to use to foment violence. The facts don’t support this violence and I will work against every entity supporting the destruction of the United States of America. That includes the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR and I don’t care if they tank or or not, and they are. Out here in the America I live in, we know the facts and are appalled at what we see happening. I speak to people every day, many of whom are democrats, that have never been more determined to vote, and vote for Donald Trump. I’m not going to try and sway you by saying. Don’t believe the polls and other baloney because ether re showing trending that tells us we cannot be complacent. Get to the polls, vote by absentee if you can’t make it, and get all your friends and family out to vote. We who love America are behind in the polls and we need to start working like we are. I also explore you to exercise your right to keep and bear arms. Not to go out and cause trouble, but so you can lawfully defend yourselves, your family, and your property. We still have that right in this country and we must be prepared to use it. Why? Because if you haven’t noticed, the police aren’t likely to get to you either because their leftist political bosses won’t let them or they just simply don’t have the resources. What the leftist punks on the street don’t understand is that there are millions of us who will defend our homes and communities if we need to. I pray the current violence can get resolved peacefully buts its apparent to me that civil discourse is quickly dying in America so we have to be ready to defend her. God Bless you all. Just a reminder friends, we can’t do this without your support so don’t forget to subscribe to The Rob Maness Show YouTube channel, our email news letter at and join our Facebook supporter group on the @colrobmaness page.