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A New Civil War?

Civil war, does the left really want one with those of us that defend and love America with all its flaws? Do they know there are over 20 million living military veterans and millions of law enforcement veterans that will rise up to stop them if they continue to bring increasing levels of violence to our streets and neighborhoods? Do they really think they can win in their Marxist revolution without bloodshed and remake the United States into a communist nation? Yes, I said it because that is what the facts show. Go look at the Black Lives Matter website or the Antifa Terrorist handbook. Just like previous totalitarians like Adolph Hitler or Mussolini, the leaders of these movements tell us exactly what they believe, and how they intend to achieve their Marxist goals. There is a reason no statues of Marx or Lenin in leftist cities have been touched by the violence they’re bringing to the streets that is killing young black kids more than any other group! Do they think war comes at little to no cost or is short like the ill-informed Americans at the beginning of our last civil war thought?

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