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The censorship of the free press can demolish liberal democratic republics like the United States very quickly

Since the story of Joe Biden’s corruption as revealed on his son Hunter’s laptop, censorship has exponentially increased on citizens in social media and against press outlets that publish stories and try to publish the results of their investigations into the matter. Some press outlets, like the taxpayer funded National Public Radio, flat out refused to cover the story in an unprecedented act of self-censorship. The New York Post, the outlet that broke the first story, is going on its 14th day of being locked out of its twitter account. Recall that twitter deleted the article from its site completely and suspended accounts that attempted to share it. The censorship effort hasn’t prevented Americans, about 75 percent of them according to recent polling, from seeing the article, and more importantly, fully understanding that Joe Biden lied to the public when he told us he had never discussed business with his son Hunter. Remember, Hunter has been involved in sketchy deals with Ukraine, Russia, and China from what we know. We can see the issue this situation creates as we are a week out from a presidential election in which Biden is twofold at a minimum.

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