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Ep 88 | Defeating the All-Out Assault on The U.S. Constitution

Americans who observed the second impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump likely noticed the pious and morally arrogant impeachment managers incessantly repeat the trial was about defending the Constitution because Americans had the audacity to disrupt the (now purely ceremonial) electoral college vote count by the Vice President. They said the capitol building was the “Cathedral” of our democracy but said the impeachment was about the Republic. These clowns can’t even get their terminology correct! What you actually saw was an assault on due process, the first amendment, and destruction of those critically important Constitutional values so the Democrats and establishment Republicans, known collectively as the Uni-Party, could destroy a citizen, now former President Trump. They explicitly chose to trample on these values in order to quote “save the Republic” and “Defend the Constitution.” Well, we have a response to that, you can find my specific response to Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, a uni-party useful idiot, at or pinned to the top of my Facebook page, but our long-term strategy is taking the U.S. House and Senate back in 2022 with America First Candidate. How do we know if a candidate is America First? Answers to these questions correctly: one, is Joe Biden a legitimately elected President – no, two, would you have voted to impeach Donald Trump – no, three do you support America First Policies such as energy independence, a strong national defense but an immediate end to forever war policies, and economic/immigration policies that favor American citizens and legal immigrants – Yes. If any of those answers are wrong, don’t support the candidate. Also, if a candidate has a history of accepting corporate donations from big tech, big pharma, oil and gas, or new energy be very suspect of that candidate. And the final vetting step is if a candidate is getting financial support from the uni-party in a primary or ever has, they are not likely to keep their promises to be America First. Our contribution to the effort will be highlighting America First Candidates on this show as often as necessary, from now until election day in 2022. First up is Tom Norton, an Afghanistan War veteran running in Michigan’s 3rd congressional district to unseat Peter Meijer, the freshman congressman who revealed himself as uni-party by voting with 10 other Republicans to impeach President Trump on a falsified incitement charge for the January 6th riot at the capitol. Tom, welcome to the Rob Maness Show!

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