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EP 112 | New Book: Gun Rights 101 or how to keep Our Second Amendment Individual Rights

It’s a simple read that arms you with the knowledge to dispel the leftists talking points. If we are to preserve this constitutional Republic for future generations, Tyler’s book enables such. I recommend you read, study, and prepare yourself to defeat the leftists intent to relegate you being a subject.” Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West. In 2008, Justice Scalia wrote the magnificent decision of DC v. Heller which finally settled the debate: Yes, Americans have the individual right to own firearms and the government can not flat out ban firearms. In 2010, the United States Supreme Court strengthened the Heller ruling in Chicago v. McDonald, which applied the Heller ruling to the states through the 14th Amendment. A major key takeaway from the Heller decision is that firearms in “common use” are protected by the Second Amendment. 8 to 12 million legally owned firearms of a particular make and model certainly qualify for “common use.” Despite these facts and Constitutional protections, gun-grab politicians, media elites, and billionaire bullies want to take away America’s favorite rifle. Gun grabbers of the Left have always been champions at manipulating the emotions of the masses and producing irrational fear and misguided ideologies about firearms and the Second Amendment. In particular with their tyrannical tirade to flat-out ban the AR-15, they perpetuate the false narrative that it’s the “favorite” gun of mass shooters and that it should be banned because it looks scary. These are the reasons why we need a book like Gun Rights 101. The Founder and President of The Second Amendment Institute, an organization whose mission is to educate, activate, and empower individuals to be effectively mobilized for the Second Amendment, Tyler Yzaguirre, joins us to today to discuss his new book (and first) so you will have an understanding why you need a copy! Every gun rights advocate needs to read this book! Tyler, welcome to the Rob Maness Show!

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