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EP 143 | False Allegations of Racism And White Supremacy Against ReAwaken America Tour

For those that have actually attended the General Flynn-Clay Clark ReAwaken America Tour you will see lots of praying, a plethora of speakers not of the same race, religion, or politics discussing election integrity, free speech censorship, and vaccine injuries. For a year and a half, the tour has brought healing to Americans who found out the truth about Ivermectin and other smeared medical therapies that the Medical Industrial Complex has slandered. For a year and a half, the ReAwaken America tour has given a voice to those censored by Big Tech giants like Robert Kennedy Jr., Dr. Eric Nepute, Kash Patel, Andy Wakefield, Dr. Judy Mikovitz and more. However, for some inexplicable reason, those topics, those cures, those people gathering together and spreading factual information reaching billions worldwide have led to some members of the media and people misled by the media to cry “racism.” Pastor Leon Benjamin is the ReAwaken America Tour Lead Pastor and I am grateful to have him as our guest this week. A native of Richmond, VA, he graduated from Huguenot High School and attended University of Virginia and Virginia Union University for engineering. He is also the GOP nominee for US House District VA-04.