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EP 154 | U.S. Coast Guard Academy Cadets Cashiered Over Vaccine Mandate Speak Out

Seven cadets at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) were unceremoniously banished from the grounds recently and given 24 hours to “get out” for failure to comply with what is likely an illegal order to receive the Covid-19 vaccination. Three separate courts have imposed service-wide injunctions stopping adverse actions against members of the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps who have sincerely held religious objections to the Covid 19 vax. Multiple press reports indicate there are several hundred thousand in the military who have yet to be vaccinated with zero evidence of any harm to readiness or danger to others who serve. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now acknowledged the experimental vaccine does not prevent the acquisition or spread of infection. Major concerns about its present and future adverse side-effects are being ignored. Among the most compelling concerns are the lack of proper informed consent, blanket denial of legitimate religious exemptions, and the legal distinction between the Emergency Use Only vaccine in use and the FDA approved Comirnaty product. All branches of the armed forces are experiencing a recruiting crisis. “It is nonsensical to dismiss seven highly qualified USCGA cadets, who have expressed a fervent desire to serve their country,” said Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services President retired Colonel Ron Scott. “When will politicians and military leaders have the courage to put an end to this tyrannical mistreatment of citizens?” STARRS is raising funds for the legal defense of those whose lives, careers and honor are under attack by the nation that they have sacrificed to serve. Four of these USCG cates join me today to tell their stories. Tabitha Aime, Nate Aime, Jin Johnson, and Sophia Galdamez joined me this week to discuss their experiences.

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