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EP 157 | The American Man Is In Crisis

Traditional gender roles once gave families stability and continuity from generation to generation. Today, the world is in full scale attack mode on what it means to be a man. All the gender bending has men questioning who they are and how to fulfill the important roles in life–as fathers, husbands, and community leaders. This uncertainty is disrupting their personal and professional lives, leaving them frustrated and causing them to live far below their potential. The very foundations of our society are crumbling because of it. My guest today knows that men of strength and spiritual grounding are needed right now more than ever, and this demand will only grow in the coming years. Men who are AWAKE. AWARE and AVAILABLE to themselves, their families, and their local communities are vital. Men who are physically capable, of sound and sober mind, and spiritually connected to the Father of Truth and Love who provides the Way, the Truth, and the Life will be used in vital ways. But the problem is, we are getting smaller in number. Suicides, isolation, alcoholism, drug use, soy in everything has created a shortage of men. We have to get a grip on this. Jeremy Slayden is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Division 1 College Athlete / First Team All-American 7-year pro ballplayer in the Phillies Organization where he was a 3 time All-Star. Jeremy is also a recovering addict who has taken his pain and years of healing and turned those experiences and knowledge into the WARRIOR | MBS program as part of his mission to optimize men’s health.