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Balloons, More Balloons and Chinese Spying: Why Are We Seeing So Many At High Altitude? Rob Maness – EP 171

With the shootdown of the Chinese surveillance balloon that collected on multiple US high-value targets as it traversed the country, seemingly all of a sudden, more high-altitude objects started to appear and were shot down.
What is going on here?

Civilized countries have been flying high-altitude weather balloons for decades, so why are we now seeing more of these high-altitude platforms (HAPs) with much different capabilities?

To help answer these questions, my guest this week is Mr. Mark Bayliss, a member of the federal communications commission’s Technology Advisory Council (FCC/)TAC) and founder and President of Visual Link, a leader in developing and deploying advanced Internet services.

As a member of the FCC/TAC, he helps the FCC identify important areas of innovation and develop informed technology policies supporting America’s competitiveness and job creation in the global economy.

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