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Primary All Politicians Who Fail To Aggressively Fight For America | The Rob Maness Show | EP 178

America’s culture and civilization are now under attack every single day. The Republican party, even with all its weaknesses, is the only political party that is resisting these attacks. Sadly, those weaknesses are profoundly on display when elected GOP officials show a lack of spine and refuse to stand up for us publicly and aggressively at every turn.
The worst are those Republicans in senior positions, such as the Lt Governor in my state of Mississippi, who hands the power to the Democrats at what seems to be every turn through his position as President of the State Senate. Well, we have a fighter who is challenging the Lt Governor this year, State Senator Chris McDaniel! Chris has fought for private property rights and the restriction of eminent domain.

The Student Religious Liberties Act he authored was passed into law to safeguard the right of students to pray in school. He introduced the Firearms Freedom Protection Act to protect against federal encroachment on our Second Amendment rights. He has fought for our privacy by sponsoring legislation to allow citizens to opt out of requirements to provide personal information for use in a government database.

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