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Artificial Intelligence Will Kill Us All | The Rob Maness Show EP 250

Will it really? The debate on this has just begun. Elon Musk’s Neuralink to recruit people with paralysis, for first human trials of brain implants. That is the current explosive headline about artificial intelligence and its not fake news folks. Some are surprised by this development, but the reality is that we have been using artificial intelligence for some time now but so far, no entity, public or private, has stepped up to attempt to development what I would call AI laws. Science fiction thinkers have been writing about Robotic laws for many decades now but no one has taken the deeper approach, and that is to think about and document the set of rules of the road or laws that must be developed and applied to AI policy, code writers, and legislation to prevent humans from being removed as the ultimate arbiters of what happens in our domain. This must be accomplished to prevent the development of an ecosystem that places digital minds above human minds in all things, from birth to death.

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