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ATF Raids Firearms Dealer’s Home To Close Him Down | The Rob Maness Show EP242

The Second Amendment is under attack. The governor of New Mexico just suspended all citizen firearms carrying, including permitted concealed carriers. Why is the ATF raiding firearms dealers? The ATF is raiding federal firearm license holders for reasons not associated with FFL violations and confiscating documents with gin purchaser’s protected information on it. It is against the law for the federal government to create and maintain a gunowner registry! The ATF raided today’s guest’s home and shop in a continuing effort to assault the 2nd Amendment by closing FFLs. More than 50 government agents wearing ballistic helmets, body armor, and carrying fully automatic rifles assaulted his home with him and his three children there. They even brought in two bomb squads for nothing more than novelty hand grenades, some smoke grenades, and a plastic replica RPG. It was nothing more than a dog and pony show. They illegally seized all of his firearm inventory, took the DVRs from the security system, took computers, papers, and even a hard drive containing nothing more than his children’s photos.

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