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Chinese Communist Satellites: Lasers Fired From Orbit On Hawaii | The Rob Maness Show EP 236

The Daqi-1 Satellite is publicly stated as an, “atmospheric environment monitoring satellite”. In the world of Cloak and Dagger, you always have a cover story, actually several layers of cover stories. An atmospheric environment monitoring satellite? That description is so bland it can mean just about anything. At first the U-2 was described as a weather research aircraft. That cover story lasted about 10 seconds once the first U-2 was shot down over the Soviet Union. We flew deep and wide until the Soviets could do something about it. That is the opening line from today’s guests article about China’s new satellite constellations and their potential to not only spy, but do harm. China is obviously continuing its attempt to achieve the communist party’s primary objective, defeat the United States through unrestricted warfare as stated in the Global Times in May 2019. Whether it is dominating the recent BRICS summit, threatening Taiwan and the USA with military force, or controlling the Panama canal, the CCP is on an unrelenting march to displace us, and we weaken ourselves further every day in a rudderless approach to everything, domestic and foreign.

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