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Never Forget September 11 and The Continued Consequences | The Rob Maness Show EP 241

I was in the Pentagon National Military Command Center at my post when the airliner struck the building. We continued operations in the midst of the aftermath, efforts to find out who attacked our country, and developing a response. We were right to respond and defeat that enemy, which we did by mid-2005, but as happens often in war, endless war policies in our government took over and we stayed for over 20 years wasting lives in our arrogance and incompetence to the very bitter and bloody end in Afghanistan. We accepted the Patriot Act in order to address the intelligence failures that enabled Islamic terrorism’s successful attack even though it is a law that destroys liberty. Sadly, that law has now been turned against all American citizens and is being used in a domestic war on terrorism that is being fought against a fabricated extremism threat that only exists in the minds of our greatest threat, the agents of a rogue federal government. May God forgive us our mistakes, and bless the dead, wounded, and their families.

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