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What Was The American Military Doing The Morning Of 911? | The Rob Maness Show EP 243

This show was supposed to only be about my guest’s unique experiences on 911, some of which overlap with my own knowledge but I was asked by a fellow survivor of the Pentagon attack to put the facts of my story out in order to push back on the conspiracy theories around the aircraft that hit the building because many of us feel it disrespects the dead and their families. Here is what I posted initially on X “I personally identified the Boeing 757 engine, cockpit, and airframe parts of the American Airlines aircraft that hit the Pentagon on Sep 11, 2001 during my response to the site from my office in the building. I was there all day with plenty of time to use my 20 years of experience (at the time) investigating aircraft crashes to confirm the initial reports.” In previous years I have only answered direct questions and have stayed out of this fray but unfortunately, the 911 truthers got really upset with my post and gave it 450K views so far, in addition to calling me a liar, traitor, Fed, cover up operator, all of which surprised and disappointed me because since leaving the military I have fought hard to push back on and remove politicians that have transformed our government into one we don’t have confidence in. I also have fought for making the 28 classified pages of the 911 Commission report public because it showed the Saudi government was involved and that someone connected to the FBI was too (and honestly my opinion is that the CIA was involved too). I am opposed to what the US government has become today even more and you and I are right to question and be skeptical. So we will address the aircraft versus missile issue in the first half of the show then move on to what was going on with the US Military and government that day that retired Navy Commander Arrington and I have some knowledge about you may not know and yes, we will take questions from the live spaces audience.

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