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Sunni And Shia Muslim Alignment, China Moves, And Ukraine Losing | The Rob Maness Show EP 274

This weekend’s emergency Arab summit in Saudi Arabia (which included NATO Member Turkey, Iran and Syria) rejected Israel’s assertion that it’s acting in self-defense; demanded the UN Security Council adopt “a decisive and binding resolution” to halt Israel’s “aggression”; called for an end to weapons sales to Israel; and dismissed any future political solution to the conflict that would keep Gaza separate from the West Bank … the propaganda war continues with its lies because the truth is that Israel is defending itself from atrocity attacks like on October 7th. China continues its efforts to influence the Middle East and build its military strength while threatening Taiwan on the Pacific front, and the Eastern Europe front continues to fail for the west with the non-revelation of our involvement in the Nordstream bombing and continued signs of Russia strengthening its forces and positions in the combat zone.