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Americans Are Separated From Our Government | The Rob Maness Show EP 302

Something is wrong in America. What ails us is a complete lack of trust in our Federal government by average Americans. I’m not talking about the typical American citizen’s inherent mistrust of government, that is healthy in a free society. What I speak of is a situation that even if the government tells us the truth about a serious threat to our national survival, we don’t believe them, and in fact, these days we aggressively push back on them because we refuse to fall prey to the lies such as what happened with the lead up to the war in Iraq, the pandemic, the Russia hoax, illegal spying on us, and censorship. Just this week a supposedly serious national security threat from Russia was leaked by a so-called trusted elected official but the citizen that no longer listens to the false news media or the government refuses to believe it is true. Can you blame us? So this perspective separates us from our government much like the American colonists were from the British government and divides us because there are a few, especially those Americans working in the government, that continue to have faith in what it says. In the declaration of independence our founders chose to actively separate from their government and create a new one. Like me, I think most Americans reject that notion but are actively calling for a re-institution of the constitutional government the founders designed in the Constitution. Our current separation is caused by the government’s power being so great that it does not follow that constitution. What can or should we do? My. Guest today is a man who has taken action to find positive steps toward a resolution. Raj Doraisamy is a multifaceted professional with a strong foundation in accounting, having been officially trained as a CPA. Transitioning from his initial career path, Raj ventured into the entrepreneurial world, where he founded a technology and digital marketing company. Demonstrating his commitment to societal values, Raj also established Defend Florida, an organization dedicated to advocating for transparent, fair, and reliable elections. Hailing from Africa, Raj proudly calls himself a U.S. citizen, having left countries plagued by the lack of democracy that he sees America undoubtedly heading towards. This perspective fuels his passion for preserving America’s republic, emphasizing the vital role of accountability among the people in shaping both local and national governance.