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Israel’s War On Hamas: Vengeance or Defense? – More War Monday | The Rob Maness Show EP 303

Israel’s war against Hamas rages on in the far Southern part of Gaza. Calls for a ceasefire continue to be heard loudly, including at the highest levels of the US Government. Recently, Christian leaders were invited to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., to view the footage from the October 7th massacres. Many of the journalists who’ve already seen the footage have reported they have never seen anything like the horrors they say Hamas fighters displayed for all the world to see. A former foreign service officer and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy was one of the Christian leaders who saw the video and his overall conclusion is that Israel cannot possibly be fighting a war of vengeance, it is fighting one of self-defense and the only adequate defense is the total destruction of Hamas. My guest today is that man, Bart Marcois, former foreign service officer, former Principal Assistant Deputy Secretary of Energy for International Affairs, author, and I might add fluent in Arabic.