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The All-Spectrum Fight To Control You – Training Tuesday | The Rob Maness Show EP 304

Control, governments and the powerful have sought to control our thinking and what we believe through various means down through the ages. With today’s technology, the term propaganda has been replaced with “the narrative” and January 6th 2021 is the most frightening example of the strength of powerful influence operations that use a combination of effective modern technology, government agencies, and the coordination of the most influential mainstream media outlets. The truth no longer needs facts, just millions of Americans who still believe their government always tells them what they need to know. The good news is that millions of Americans have awakened to this effort and see it for what it is, the government’s attempt to control society and squash individual rights. Cathi Chamberlain, author of Rules For Deplorables: A Primer For Fighting Radical Socialism is one of those awakened Americans who is shing a bright spotlight on these nefarious activities and educating us all on how to fight them.