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The Censorship Industrial Complex Shadow Over 2024 | The Rob Maness Show EP 296

The censorship during the election of 2020 heavily impacts the way American voters think about our society, especially in this, another election year. After all, on October first of 2020 Facebook suppressed all identified conservative media website links and pages. I know from personal experience because my own webpage was rocketing to nearly a million views per month after only 4 months in operation largely through my two hundred thousand strong follower audience on that platform. The reality is that after that date, the page has never achieved that level of performance again. The suppression of the facts about our candidates and elevation of false information has become a known factor that the American people should not, and do not accept as legitimate. But they’re doing it again and no one with power seems to be doing anything real about it according to OutKick journalist Bobby Burack. The question is, can we the people overcome the lies and suppression of information and elect who we decide is the best candidate? Mr. Burack is my guest today and is here to discuss his latest article about the censorship industrial complex.