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The Russians Are Defeating Ukraine – More War Monday | The Rob Maness Show EP 307

The situation in Ukraine appears dire as Russia has taken the eastern city of Adeevka and continues to press its gains all along the front with some modest successes. Rumors have spread rapidly that the Russian Armed Forces has begun an announced spring offensive early to capitalize on new territory it now controls. All as Ukraine continues to beg America for more dollars and supplies from the United States and NATO. Is it too late for Ukraine to sue for peace? After all it has a framework from the talks in Turkey that UK PM Boris Johnson kept from moving forward two years ago it can start with. Unfortunately, Russia’s National Security Council Deputy (and former President) Dmitri Medvedev went on record this week saying that Kiev is a historically Russian city but it is currently controlled by gangsters from NATO and the United States. He clearly stated that Russia will likely go as far as the Ukrainian capital if the armed forces continue their current successes. All of this as a story broke in the New York Times just days ago revealing a decades-long CIA program has existed in Ukraine. My guest today retired US Navy Commander, Author, and college professor Dr. Randy Arrington.