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U.S. Military Assaults Georgia State Senator | The Rob Maness Show EP 297

Georgia State Senator Colton Moore represents NorthWest Georgia. US military enlisted members who had been leading 30 illegal aliens around and were guarding the door of an airport chapel being used by a non-governmental organization to house illegals at the Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport assaulted Senator Colton and his legislative aides to prevent them from exposing this fiendish operation he found out about from an airport employee whistleblower. Yes I said it, fiendish. We are being invaded and all our congress can do is disguise a border security bill so it can continue funding Ukraine’s border security. My guest today is the author of the article that blew the whistle on this operation and assault, US Air Force Academy graduate L Todd Wood. As a Special Operations pilot, Todd flew missions for Seal Team 6 and Delta Force. As CEO of CD Media, he’s on a new mission now — to protect the American way of life and rescue it from the destructive grip of the socialist ideology that threatens its sovereignty and everything that makes this country great. With his real-world experience in finance and national security, along with a passion for history, Todd sees and reports on threats to our nation, zeroing in on the warning signs of potential dangers.