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U.S. Senate Prioritizes America’s National Security Last | The Rob Maness Show EP 299

It seems constant these days and shouldn’t surprise me, America’s elected officials prioritize other nation’s national security over our own at every opportunity. They did it again over the weekend, after failing to pass a border security bill to stop the invasion at our southern border, The U.S. Senate chose to fund Ukraine again, in the face of growing opposition from their voters. Look I’m no isolationist, and am certainly not a pacifist, but I am opposed to starting World War three and only support risking American lives in war to defend our own vital national interests. And as Barack Obama said, Ukraine is not our vital national interest. Many senators have strong opponents this election cycle because of this intransigence, stubborn waste of our resources, and needlessly risking American lives. Roger Wicker of Mississippi is one of those senators and native Mississippian retired Marine Colonel Ghannon Burton is one of his very strong opponents. Colonel Burton served 30 years, was an F/A-18 Pilot, TopGun Graduate, Test Pilot, and two-time Commander with 5 Combat deployments and created Mississippi For America First after he retired.