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Winning Means We Hold Ourselves and Government Accountable |The Rob Maness Show EP 305

“We know that they are lying, they know that they are lying, they even know that we know they are lying, we also know that they know we know they are lying too, they of course know that we certainly know they know we know they are lying too as well, but they are still lying. In our country, the lie has become not just moral category, but the pillar industry of this country.” That is Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn speaking about the Soviet Union and yet, its sounds like our government and society these days. The last few years revealed that US government agencies conveniently, lie about, leave out, or obfuscate facts that are embarrassing to their organization or counter to whatever government narrative they challenge. The worst part is that information is intentionally hidden because it is some bureaucrat’s opinion that the American people can’t hear the information as it might get them stirred to act and end whatever policy driving the incident’s concerned or threaten their funding. Well we are acting on the truth and that means we can and will win, whether its the 2024 election or otherwise! I have two guests today. The first is Scott Presler, republican grassroots leader who helps us all cut through the noise and get focused on Winning elections! And in the second half is a new player on the influencer seen and known for his satirical approach to life and politics, the puppet mouthpiece for the people from the new DC After Dark show at DC Patriot, Puppet Carlson.