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Islamic Terrorism Attacks Cross All Borders – More War Monday | The Rob Maness Show EP 323

The attack on Moscow civilians by alleged ISIS-K jihadist terrorists highlights the remaining threat from Jihadist terrorism but also lays bare the great differences between members of what was once a relatively united coalition against it. The existing rift between the United States and Israel over its war to destroy Hamas in the Gaza strip only exacerbates the situation. Joe Biden’s regime is abandoning its justified support for Israel’s defensive military operation to eradicate the threat from Hamas completely as the IDF continues combat operations in Gaza like at the Shifa hospital and is beginning operations in Rafah. But the most dangerous aspect of these latest developments may be the obvious and almost complete lack of trust in Western Intelligence agencies that have all identified ISIS-K as the perpetrators of the Moscow attack, opening the door for Putin to say it was Ukraine and its Western backers that are really behind the operation. The complexities we face in this new situation could completely fracture the USA-Israel relationship while Russia could use it to justify a massive escalation in the ongoing war in Ukraine, potentially spilling over into more countries. My guest today to discuss the situation is Jonathan Tobin, Editor in Chief of the Jewish News Syndicate, Host of Top Story With Jonathan Tobin podcast, Sr. Contributor at The Federalist, and a Columnist Newsweek.