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No One Is Coming To Help: It Is Up To Us | The Rob Maness Show EP 325

Democrats are trying to destroy President Trump and ram him through civil and criminal trials in New York and across the country. Democrat judges are issuing gag orders and barring him from speaking out about the trials. This is lawfare. This is election interference. This is unconstitutional. This is clearly illegal. We’re talking about the ongoing lawfare on Trump, the lack of accountability in America’s military and the RINO plan to give the house to the democrats today! My guest is former Green Beret retired Army LTCOL Ivan Raiklin. Raiklin Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Ivan E. Raiklin, former Green Beret and Constitutional Attorney Served 25 years in the DOD, Intel and Special Operations Communities and DTRA as an enlisted, officer, civilian, contractor on active duty, reserves and national guard across 5 states and 5 continents in five languages Ivan served as a Green Beret Commander countering ISIS in the Middle East, Taliban in Afghanistan, MS-13 in Central America, and countering Russian aggression as a military diplomat in the Republic of Georgia. Ivan has also rigorously investigated the illegal government spying on Lt Gen Michael Flynn and former Naval Officer Carter Page among many other illegal activities by government operatives, including the rigged 2020 election.