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My Brother’s Keeper: Caring For The January 6th Hostages | The Rob Maness Show EP 329

Election fraud in 2020 continues to make headlines and as more facts are revealed like you just heard in that clip from yesterday, the truth is slowly coming out. These revelations justify the reasons why Americans gathered to make their voices heard on January 6th, 2021, at the US Capitol. They were there because they had a right to demand redress of their grievances about potential election fraud from their government, just as it says in the First Amendment to the Constitution. Thousands of these patriots that were swept up into the protest that turned into pockets of rioting have been arrested, charged, imprisoned, without due process in many cases, and defamed falsely as “insurrectionists.” The good news is that Americans are organizing to care for the incarcerated and unfairly accused as they’ve had their lives turned upside down. One such organized group is My Brother’s Keeper right here in Oxford Mississippi whose mission states they are “dedicated to helping our state’s January 6th prisoners. We endeavor to make Mississippi proud through our efforts to assist each one hailing from, or having moved to, our state.” As the arrests of Americans continue for participating in the January 6th protests, more and more of our citizens are being mistreated by the weaponized justice system so we’ll continue to need these kind citizens to support the. Lori Cyree of My Brothers Keeper and Sheldon Bray, a recently charged January 6 defendant and Mississippian, join me today to inform us on the effort.