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They Will Come For You – WhistleBlower Wednesday | The Rob Maness Show EP 333

Yes they will, if we, you, do nothing when you see abuse of power by them, the government agencies like the CIA and FBI. Eventually, there abusive policies will touch you. Over the last few years, revelations have shown the CIA, which is supposed to focus outwardly, has long been meddling in domestic politics. Worse, they’ve become the endless war machine’s go to agency for continuing the policies that are destroying American credibility and our ability to deter our adversaries from starting wars, the opposite of what their mission is. Those that pull the levers of power in the intelligence community are betraying their oaths of office and the American people. A few are standing up and calling them out and we have one of those whistleblowers with us today. Pedro Israel Orta is a former CIA Intelligence Officer, Cuban-American and author of the new book The Broken Whistle.