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Big Intel Is Barreling Down a Marxist Super-Highway | The Rob Maness Show EP 345

It’s an intelligence operation in a war against America and freedom. That is what I see in that video. I also see an insurgent direct action operation planned and supported by a Marxist adversary hidden by multiple layers of useful idiots, ideologically aligned non-governmental organizations and their billionaire financial backers, underwritten by intelligence agencies, probably from our own side and our adversaries China, Russia, and Iran. From today’s guest’s book we read “Once upon a time, the FBI and the CIA fought America’s enemies at home and abroad. Now they are tools of a growing police state, attacking the left’s political enemies and spying on ordinary American citizens—even parents who push back against radical public schools. How did we get here? In this revealing and thoroughly documented book, a former operative for the CIA traces the origins of Big Intel to a loose network of Marxist academic agitators known as the Frankfurt School. Their ideology appealed to the Ivy League elites populating the CIA, but the subversion of the FBI took longer, impeded for a time by the bureau’s staunchly anti-Communist director, J. Edgar Hoover. Eventually both institutions succumbed, and today Big Intel is controlled by the cultural Marxists.” My guest today is Dr. J. Michael Waller. Professor Waller is a scholar-practitioner in strategic communication and unconventional conflict. He holds a Ph.D. in international security affairs from Boston University. He received his military training as an insurgent with the Nicaraguan Democratic Force (contras). A Senior Analyst for Strategy, Center for Security Policy and Author, his latest book is “Big Intel: How the CIA & FBI Went from Cold War Heroes to Deep State Villains.”