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Pride Terrorism: Hating Faith, Family, & Freedom in Society & Politics | The Rob Maness Show EP 369

Warning: Strong language and tough topics in today’s videos! I told you I would always bring facts and the truth to this show, even if we have to discuss tough and today the evidence we’re showing, as you’ve just seen has some rough language and material in it, but it is very important for you to see, hear, and talk about you’re your friends and family, especially for us Christians. I’ve long said that Pride celebrations, symbology, and the ideology itself is an anti-Christian hate cult and the facts bear that out. Unfortunately, the leftist in control of our institutions like the FBI and a lot of churches, don’t want the masses to realize these truths. The movement is anti-thetical to America’s founding principles, just like the Marxist politics that now controls the Democrat Party and the unelected government in this country. Even top political strategists are now saying and you’re going to hear some very strong language from one today, but it is necessary! American Christians can and are standing up to this violent Marxist ideology and winning. My guest today is Norman Woods, Executive Director of South Dakota’s Family Voice, leading policy, development, communications and community engagement. Family Voice is a South Dakota non-profit organization that seeks to defend the values that you cherish.

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