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Rainbow Supremacists in The Pentagon Put Our Nation At Risk | The Rob Maness Show EP 370

That was at the Pentagon’s celebration of “Pride Month,” at the 13th Annual Pride Ceremony. Hosted by the DOD Association of LGBTQI+ Service Members, Employees, and Allies, the “Pride event” featured several speakers, including this man, Navy Rear Admiral Mike Brown, division director for Operations in the Information Environment. Brown was being celebrated for his choice to destroy his marriage and children’s lives by coming out as gay. The significance of our armed forces and its leadership being so overly focused on the sexual choices and forced celebrations of them cannot be overstated. We are on the brink of World War Three, our recruiting goals are not being achieved, military leaders are routinely lying to congress about the causes of this and more importantly, our low readiness rates. I was once a person who shrugged at other’s lifestyle choices thinking it was their business as long as they kept it out of my life but now, government force is being used to make people like me, a Christian, father, and husband, to not only acknowledge these degenerates as morally correct, but publicly celebrate them against my will and the facts that I know to be true. That is a huge problem and military professionals, especially those with operational careers and experience, are pushing back. My guest today is John Frankman, John was a Captain in the Army who served as a Green Beret assigned to 7th Special Forces Group. He voluntarily separated from active duty due to the COVID 19 vaccine mandate debacle. Before going on active duty, he spent four years in the Catholic seminary studying to be a priest with the intent of being a chaplain before discerning that God had different plans for him. He’s a signer of the Declaration Military Accountability and is currently fighting to restore honor and integrity to our military.

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