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Veteran Suicide: The Cost of War and Military Service – More War Monday | The Rob Maness Show EP 366

We must end veteran suicide. That is the mission all of us who seek to help our brothers and sisters have tried to complete for at least two decades. In my final year of active duty, the U.S Army lost nearly one soldier per day to suicide and the first time I heard the phrase 22 a day regarding veteran suicide was within days of my return to civilian life. Since then millions of veterans and those in our communities and government have signed up to that mission, ending it.Unfortunately, despite the hundreds of millions of dollars expended on various programs and millions of work hours, both paid and volunteer, we are not making progress. Sadly, we’re now hearing consistently that nearly 50 veterans are committing suicide a day and experienced observers say its likely more like a hundred. That is a haunting number for those of us who’ve served, our families, and the families of the survivors. We are a country in search of solutions and I will listen to anyone who has studied it, especially a fellow veteran who has also struggled. So my guest today is US Navy veteran D Paul Fleming and the subject is his book: A date With Suicide. A Date with Suicide is a heartfelt attempt to tell the stories of veterans who have struggled at the edges of life and death. Doug courageously dives into his own trials and tribulations as a disabled veteran and walks readers down a path away from the date with suicide and toward an affirmation of life.

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