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America’s War Against Itself – More War Monday | The Rob Maness Show EP 377

America’s government is at war with her own citizens, especially with combat veterans. The treatment that retired US Marine Captain Chris Kuehne and his family received at the hands of the FBI is sickening. I met Chris and his family at a Patriot Freedom Project’s event in Bedminster New Jersey just over a week ago. I get that some folks on January 6th committed crimes that included violence and those people should be punished if found guilty, to the same extent that Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA people have been investigate and punished. But that is not what is happening. The false narrative of insurrection is being used by the FBI, DOJ, and Judges in the DC Federal court system as a brutal cudgel to batter these people and their families inhumanely. Captain Kuehne’s wife Annette was pregnant when the FBI conducted a no-knock tactical raid on her home and had a miscarriage the following day. Was this attack on a family necessary? No, it was not. Just like the felony charge of obstruction of an official proceeding was unnecessary and has been overturned by the US Supreme Court in just last week. Fortunately, many of us have been calling this out as wrong and we encourage all of you to do so too. As Steve Bannon has said from the very beginning, we will hold these people accountable, and today’s show is about helping and supporting all of these political prisoners. Bannon was even spending his time on the last night he has before prison speaking out on the treatment of the J6ers. He isn’t even talking about his own case at all. We were supposed to have Captain Kuehne as my guest today but he is in the hospital undergoing serious surgery for a condition that he developed over the last 48 hours. The point is to publicize his family’s story so we are pressing on to do that. Discussing an analyzing all this today with us is our regular contributor retired US Navy commander, author, college professor, and former senior DHS official Randy Arrington.

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