George Floyd’s burial turns one page of a painful saga written by filmed cries for mercy and global rioting typed in bold face for all to see.

This moment has united liberals and conservatives in a chorus opposing police brutality which is all too rare in current political discourse.
It can possibly serve as common ground for more agreement across ideologies but presidential electoral politics and other agendas will surely get in the way.
Congressional Democrats have proposed a broad package of police reforms aimed at, depending upon view, making police less illegally violent or less legally viable.
Republicans, nominally the pro-police side of the debate, are even receptive to altering qualified immunity which can hold law enforcement harmless from prosecution or civil suits in the wake of deadly force usage or injuries arising from it.
Between competing elite interests is one dead man and a community whose grief echos far removed from where they reside.
American policing has been under intense scrutiny since the August 9th, 2014 death of Mike Brown. Many in his generation want police departments abolished or much less assertive than previous incarnations. Each high profile death of Black males by police officers (and Ahmaud Arbery, involving a retired one and his son) only intensify this demand.
American policing, along with rule of law and even rioting as acceptable protest, are subject to massive political pressure similar to that which ended the life of George Floyd.
Will kneeling to this pressure one way or another ultimately unite America or further divide it?

We will find out shortly.

#capblacksafetycreator is Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Grassroots Security Consultant in the real life Gotham City of New Orleans.