I want every single one of the people that breached the US Capitol yesterday tracked down and taken into custody for questioning. They all bear responsibility but here is a fact that shows violent anti-Trump people were there and inside. Too bad we don’t have an apolitical @FBI.

While our elected politicians and propaganda media abuse their platforms to simply say this is all “Trump’s fault” the actual violent perpetrators could get away with what they brought to the entire country. No, I don’t think people should break public property but the mostly peaceful protesters from January 6 2021 are being smeared just because they marched and supported a President over the elite establishment’s preference. And yes, they had every right to take their protest into the peoples building so their voices could be heard loud and clear just like all the actual mostly peaceful protesters for the last few years who’ve entered the same building and even the office area of the Speaker, where an unarmed protester, and American veteran, was gunned down needlessly.