What took place less than 48 hours ago in Washington DC? Was it a protest against a stolen election? Was it a group of radical right-wing extremist attacking the government? Was it a group of agitators trying to turn the event into something they wanted? Was it a setup by the “Other side” to damage the reputation of those who support Trump? Pick a theory and you can probably run with it just by reading all the idiot posts on social media. At the end of the day, only two questions truly have any value to me. 1. Why did it happen. 2. What outcome will it have? With that said, let me dive into this event and try to give some predictive analysis of the whole issue.

The World’s view:

As the events of yesterday were taking place, I did what I always do; I watched how the world reacted. If you want to see the impact of a serious event at home, you need to pay attention to how the world responds. In the age of global, instantaneous communications, there is no other way to judge severity. What took place yesterday had three, predictable, impacts on the rest of the world. Some were nearly giddy over what they were watching, some even helped the process take place. You probably know what nation of over 1.4 billion I’m referring to. Some were frightened. The nations still see the US as the shining beacon on top of the hill. It’s a group that is dwindling in numbers.  Finally, you have those who seemed to not pay attention to it. Why? Because their own problems are so overwhelming, they don’t have time to dwell on people who consume 3,000 calories a day, have power whenever they want it, and stores full of goods they don’t even need. That group is the one I’m referring to, and that group is growing in numbers. These are the three groups I paid attention to yesterday and my perceptions of their perceptions led me to write this post.


 Okay, so, some nations were happy, some were worried, even frightened, and some, well, they just didn’t care, but all of them had one perception in common. Decay. The word is decay and that is exactly what they all witnessed. Now, all of them understand the cornerstone of a true Democracy is the ability to have, “balanced” discourse. Many of them even attempt to have this balance, or at least they think they do, but at the end of the day, the US’s version of Democracy is known to be based on freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the concept of a blind justice system.

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What took place yesterday was predictable. Disagree? Sorry, you can’t defend that stance. Yesterday, the United States Capitol was the center of a protest. That is not a new event. Who protested, that was part of a new event. In the past, those who took to the streets of the US’s capital were from the other end of the ideological spectrum, with the exception of the Civil War, Those who demanded more entitlement, social justice, and racial equality have been the historical masses on the streets of the US capital. What took place yesterday was different, far different. People who have a failing belief in the political process in the US came to its capital to express their anger. Were they justified? Ask them, because that is the only answer that matters when you are trying to prevent another incident. Yesterday was not about equal rights, college tuition, wars, unemployment, etc….etc….! Yesterday was far different, far more dangerous. Yesterday was about a growing percentage of the US population no longer believing in the political process. Yesterday was based on anger, and if you want to have a violent event, you have to have anger as the fuel. Yes, folks, yesterday was different. Things happened that has never happened before, and that’s not just people storming into the halls of government. But, at the end of that day, what the world witnessed was decay! The US showed a fracture the world has not seen since the 60s. Some were ecstatic over what they saw, and it’s that category that worries me. what happens when there is blood in the water.  Historically, what has been the response of a nation whose government is unstable? A government in trouble turns to what? Yep. A distraction, and the more dangerous the trouble, the bigger the required distraction. How many wars have been fought as a distraction? I think you get my point. Yesterday, the US put blood in the water, and the sharks can smell blood from miles away, in this case, halfway around the world!

Something that caught my eye:

One thing I learned a long time ago was to watch the world’s money when something big was happening. When money makers get scared, they tend to hide. If something is taking place they can’t control, they tend to retreat, wait to see just how bad the event is. If you can prove me wrong, please try. Hours into the crisis in DC, I happened to remember to check the markets. Up and 300+ and holding, and it held all day. How? How could such a visually dramatic event be taking place, an Arab Spring level event, and the markets were making money? I even posed the question on social media. DC had political leaders running for their lives, like the fall of the Roman Senate, and the markets were making money? Does anyone find that a bit……….odd? Now, I know some economic nerd academic might chime in and give a dissertation on the topic, but I look at historical data, not the words of a person who feeds pigeons on their lunch break. The US was in a full-blown crisis yesterday, and the markets pushed on as if their phones and TV’s were off. It’s a global market, yes. But who controls it? How could the global news be that dramatic and the markets ignore the whole thing. By the way, as I write this, stock futures are up!

Here comes an ugly question, but one that most people are already talking about, and have been for years. Who runs the US? Is it political leadership? Does a bureaucratic machine, wired by large corporations keep any political so-called leader on strings as they show up in DC? Ever read the controversy over, “Campaign Finance Reform?” With all the rumors of a Cabal in DC, doesn’t the old saying, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” come into play? ” I’m going to DC and I am going to change what is going on … I’m going to drain the swamp … go after the corruption … etc … etc.” But, when all of them get there, ” You will be assimilated!” The Borg / Cabal / consumes them, and if they can’t be assimilated, think Trump, then they become the primary target. Who of the people who showed up in DC yesterday doesn’t believe that Trump’s reelection was stolen? It doesn’t matter if you believe, you need to look at the world through the glasses of those who were there. To them, the nation is run by a Cabal, a group of Beltway Bandits, an international group so powerful, the markets didn’t move yesterday. It was as if the Borg knew what was going to happen, and thus, the markets didn’t react.

Side Note: The number of Chinese government-owned corporations inside the Borg is nearly the controlling factor. In fact, it may be the controlling factor. Ever read, “Unrestricted Warfare?” 

Where is this going:

What are the second and third-order effects of yesterday? What proportion of my favorite issue, the law of unintended consequences, will impact the inbound Biden Team? You see, the world knows, there are no clam waters ahead for the US or the US economy. The US’s enemies /competitors / also understand the only thing keeping people from truly turning on each other in the US is the economy. The lights come on, the stores have goods, the doctors have medicine. Life is aggravating, but life is not in jeopardy. Change that, and you get the US to fall into a Mad Max movie. If that is the perception of the US’s enemies, then someone better be looking for the indicators. If yesterday is a glimpse into the Biden administrations’ future, well, I will stop there. Decay. In the simplest terms I can use, what the world witnessed yesterday was the continuing decay of the beacon on the hill. Discourse is the cornerstone, but if that discourse is not balanced, it all flies apart. There is an old saying, “The flame that burns twice as hot, burns half as long.” Maybe our beacon has been too bright? No calm waters Uncle Joe … no calm waters.

This article was first published on coldansviewpoint.blogspot.com and is published with permission.

The author,Col Dan, is 32 year veteran of the US Military, with an emphasis on the Middle East. A long time “observer” of Mr. Putin. Spent the last “few” years of my profession tracking events that linked threats from other parts of the world and Mexico. I’m a true believer in the art of reading between the lines as well as anticipating The Law of Unintended Consequences and the concept of Second and Third order effects. Author of the book, ” The Second Dark Ages. An unofficial Review of the Third World War.