They are framing the 99.9% peaceful protests on January 6th as an attempted insurrection instead of what the Capitol building violence was – a small, isolated, amatuer-led attempted riot that got at least one American killed unnecessarily, not to mention the police officers who have died since. I look forward to the reveal of ALL the instigators and violent actors, no matter what side they’re on (I suspect the same anti-government anarchists who killed a federal police officer in San Francisco BLM riots last year.)

What we must oppose is the attempt to paint the 100s of thousands of Trump supporters who were there and the other 75 plus million of us as domestic terrorists. It is ridiculous but very seriously being accomplished.

They are saying every claim of election fraud by us is patently “false” in almost every article and now FaceBook is removing election integrity posts saying they are false, all of them, categorically. Even though we have the facts that show the election was stolen.

Congress is trying to use the 25th Amendment to remove him and planning another ludicrous impeachment.

Twitter, Amazon, and several other major corporations are colluding to cement this narrative in the mind of our fellow citizens and to eliminate dissenting voices across the communications spectrum.

These entities are emboldened to act with force and overreach because they are frightened by the message of truth we demand be heard and are about to take total power in 2 branches of the federal government. They intend to do everything they can to prevent what happened four years ago from ever happening again so we must stand our ground, peacefully.

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We must take to the streets peacefully en masse. Jesse Kelly is right in this tweet thread, they would like nothing more than for you to stay home.

However, we must be smart about it. Look at the grave damage caused to our movement so far by the amateurs on January 6. Be very aware and smart about what protests you join in on. As is the case with the so-called armed protests being talked about in the state capitols and the U.S. Capitol between January 17 and 22d we’re hearing about. Whoever is organizing these is not a conservative group or group of Trump supporters so don’t trust them. If you do attend, ensure your group’s internal security is very tight but I don’t recommend attending. We don’t need to help the Congress, Corporate media, and permanent government destroy our movement and this country.

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