Douglas County, CO – Parents are getting fed up with the indoctrination of their children and this mom breaks it down…

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“I have a Douglas County School District child and I am also the President of Parents United America which represents hundreds of parents who are outraged and very concerned by the shifts that are happening in our public school system. We heard a lot about how the education, the equity education policy is not equivalent to Critical Race Theory. However, I’ve heard many things that are very disturbing, that it to be quite the opposite. First of all, the term equity. It sounds great but is exactly opposite of equal opportunity. Equity demands an equal outcome. That only happens when you gerrymander things to favor one group or another. It’s not the same as equal opportunity. The second thing that concerns me is when I heard the definition of equity that has been shared here and through many communications from the district. It talks about groups of individuals. When you talk about groups, it is collectivism. It is separating into groups. That is exactly what it’s doing. And groups based on what? What we’ve heard form both hiring The Gemini Group, which is also another thing that concerns me, is that groups are broken down into race, gender identity, sexual preference and oppression. When we look at The Gemini Group teaching, which I took time to watch the entire thing, it is even more disturbing. And this group was hired by this board. Because in that training, it talks oppressors and oppressed. That is damaging to every group of children. First of all, some group of the children are thought of as being shamed for who they are. The others are taught that they are victims without the ability to further themselves and to look at the others as the enemies. We all know the Dr. King quote has been shares, “color of our skin versus the content of our character.” He had a dream. This is a nightmare. It is a nightmare for our children and it needs to end now. The training also, by the way, divides basically educators and parents” – Deborah Flora, President of Parents United America

Parents United America is a new non-profit organization launched to give parents a stronger voice as primary authority in their children’s lives.

Deborah Flora, president of Parents United America, announced the launch of a nationwide organization focused on helping parents reestablish their fundamental right to be the primary influence and authority in their children’s lives. Parents United America is a nonpartisan, non-religious organization focused on connecting, informing and empowering parents throughout the United States whose role is being marginalized on multiple fronts.

From Parents United America’s website…


We are the parents and we are united! We will stand together for our rights to raise our children and be the primary authority in their lives. Our children do not belong to the government, the schools or society.

We are our children’s first teachers and their greatest champions. We are the ones who know them, love them and care for them better than anyone else ever will. We are the ones who comfort them in the middle of the night or when they fall; we are the ones who hold their hands during first steps and in the doctor’s waiting rooms; we are the ones who stand on their sports sidelines and by their bedsides.

We will gladly partner with and support those who acknowledge our unalienable right to guide and protect our children, but we will not allow any institution, elected official, administrator, or cultural trend to push us out of our rightful role as THE parents to OUR children.

We will stand together, united, against those who would try to usurp or circumvent our role. Together we will transform the culture to one that respects our fundamental right to protect, guide and advocate for our children.


This piece was written by Zach Heilman on June 3, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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