Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spoke out on Tuesday to call for the impeachment of President Joe Biden for his mishandling of the crisis in Afghanistan.

“I think he should be impeached,” Graham said, according to The Hill. “I think Joe Biden deserves to be impeached because he’s abandoned thousands of Afghans who fought with us and he’s going to abandon some American citizens because he capitulated to the Taliban to a 31 August deadline.”

Graham said this after Biden caved to the Taliban and agreed to stick to the August 31 deadline of withdrawing Americans from Afghanistan.

“We are currently on a pace to finish by August the 31st,” Biden said earlier in the day. “The sooner we can finish, the better. Each day of operations brings added risk to our troops.”

“But the completion by August 31st depends upon the Taliban continuing to cooperate and allow access to the airport for those who we’re transporting out and no disruptions to our operations,” he continued.

On Tuesday night, Graham told Fox News host Sean Hannity that Biden “should be impeached” for his handling of the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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“This is dereliction of duty by the commander-in-chief,” Graham said, according to The New York Post. “This makes it harder to fight future wars. Who’s going to help us in the future after we abandoned our friends in Afghanistan who fought bravely?”

“President Biden has signed the death warrant for thousands of Afghans who helped us,” he continued. “He’s washing his hands of Afghanistan at our peril as a nation.”

Not stopping there, Graham proceeded to warn how he feels what Biden has done could lead to another 9/11-style terrorist attack on the United States.

“And the likelihood of a 9/11 is through the roof now, because Al Qaeda and ISIS are coming after us,” Graham said. “If you believe we’ve left Afghanistan and we’ve ended the war between the US and radical Islam, you’re a fool. They’re coming after us and Joe Biden has left us naked and blind in Afghanistan.”

Graham also expressed his belief that it would be impossible for the Biden administration to get everyone out in time, even if the deadline was extended to September 11.

“I’ve got 200 [evacuation] cases in my office right now. Ten of them are American citizens. There’s no way we get ‘em all out,” he said. “The operation really ends this weekend. By 31st August, we’re going to have all of our troops out.”

“So how do you get to Kabul in these circumstances?” Graham continued. “The Taliban are not waving you through. So yeah, there’s no way we get all the American citizens out and there’s no way we avoid leaving tens of thousands of Afghans behind.”

Biden has been widely panned by all sides of the political spectrum for his mishandling of the crisis in Afghanistan, and his approval ratings have been plummeting. It remains to be seen how this will impact him and his fellow Democrats moving forward, but as of now, they all have good reason to panic.