The Committee on the Present Danger: China, (CPDC) and Women’s Rights Without Frontiers (WRWF) sent a letter to President Joe Biden this week blasting his initiatives to fight COVID-19. Specifically, the letter took issue with the idea of vaccine mandates and passports.

“The Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force has sent our second letter to President Biden in opposition to not only the passports themselves, but also opposing his unscientific and unconstitutional mandates across the board,” said our very own Rob Maness, who is a member of this task force. “We will continue to bring these attacks on American’s constitutional liberties to the attention of the administration and the American people. This strategy must end.”

In the joint letter, these groups fired back at Biden for his claim that “We need to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.”

“While the Covid[-19] vaccines appear to be effective at reducing symptoms and severity of the disease, they do not prevent infection or transmission,” the letter said in response to this. “Therefore, fully vaccinated people who are infected may spread the disease to unvaccinated people, or even to other vaccinated people.” 

As for Biden’s claim that he is “frustrated with the 80 million Americans who refuse to be vaccinated…those blocking public health….We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin,” the groups weren’t having any of that either.

“Many Americans have valid medical, religious or reasons of conscience not to be vaccinated,” the groups hit back. “It is appalling they are being demonized in this way….You are actively engaged in further dividing our nation, using demeaning language intended to shame the unvaccinated, set them apart from civil society, and even threaten their livelihoods and basic freedoms should they not comply.”

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Not stopping there, the groups proceeded to call out Biden and his administration for repeatedly ignoring science:

“Your administration continues to ignore the growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating that natural immunity – gained by having recovered from Covid-19 – is far superior to the immunity imparted by vaccines – and longer lasting….Confronted with [evidence of this reality from Israel], your own Dr. Fauci stated in a CNN interview that he has ‘no firm answer’ on why people with natural immunity who have recovered from Covid need to be vaccinated.”

Later in the letter, the groups questioned Biden’s claim that he had “authorized the deployment of ‘Surge Response Teams’ made up of ‘experts’ in part from the Department of Defense (DOD)” and that he will double the number of “Military Health Teams” in the field.

“What is the origin of the specific legal authority behind the use of such units and exactly what will they be authorized to do?” the letter asked. “We view your Surge Response Teams and Military Health Teams – as you briefly described them – as ominously reminiscent of the CCP’s ‘Strike Hard’ campaigns and ‘Family Planning Police.’ The implications of such abusive utilization of the military in free nations is especially worrying in light of what is taking place in Australia at the moment.”

The letter goes on to lay out a major finding from a webinar the groups hosted in July.

“The digital platform used by vaccine passports can provide the same totalitarian functionality as that used by the Chinese ‘Social Credit System,'” the letter states. “The risks of such a system being abused to deprive the American people of their liberties, livelihoods and possibly even their lives are too great to allow it, or even its precursors, to be introduced here.”  

The letter concludes by saying, “Stripping Americans of their constitutional rights in the search for greater safety will tarnish your legacy in the history books and will not be forgotten by the citizens you are duty-bound to protect and defend.”

Biden and his fellow liberals have been trying to use this pandemic to strip the American people of their rights while also attempting to control every aspect of our lives. We applaud these groups for fighting back against Biden and his regime, and we hope more Americans will start to do the same.