Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, spoke out this week to rip into President Joe Biden. She went so far as to call him “an embarrassment to America” and to say that it does not seem like he is actually “in control” of anything.

“I feel like only in the Democrats’ America can you be so wrong for so long about so many things, fail in so many ways, as Joe Biden did, really produce nothing for your constituents, the people that elected you into the offices you held or the American people, and still find yourself in the highest office in the land, which is exactly what we have with Joe Biden and it is very frightening now,” Trump told Fox News.

“It’s not just that it is an embarrassment to America, which we know this has all been. The Afghanistan withdrawal was an embarrassment to America,” she added. “The invasion on our southern border basically makes us look like a joke. Joe Biden does not seem to be in control of anything as our president and to our enemies and adversaries across the world, they are watching.”

“They are paying attention as evidence with what we saw China do with this missile,” Trump concluded. “They have been watching Joe Biden make America weaker by the day and they are waiting for their chance to do whatever harm they want to do to America and so it is a very concerning thing.”

This is far from the first time that Trump has attacked Biden. Last month, during another Fox News appearance, the wife of Eric Trump called out Biden for asking Donald Trump appointees to resign from various advisory boards for the military academies. Trump saw this as a pathetic attempt to distract the media from his own policy “disasters.”

“This is a clear way to distract from the disasters that have ensued since Joe Biden took office,” Trump said. “We still have an open southern border. We obviously had a horrific exit from Afghanistan. 13 American service members dead, Americans that are stuck over there still. I guess we are just moving on? Joe Biden was on vacation over the weekend. He doesn’t need to be worried about that.”

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“So, clearly, they want to change the news cycle,” she added. “Maybe this is an easy way, to do that. But it is a shame to see. It shouldn’t happen. This is the way the Trump people are treated. We are used to this kind of treatment and not surprised to see it.”

Biden continues to be a complete embarrassment to our country in a wide variety of ways. For that reason, 2024 can’t come soon enough!

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