Democrats suffered a brutal and humiliating defeat on Tuesday night when Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated leftwing candidate Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race.

Now, former President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump is celebrating this GOP victory by revealing why she thinks it’s “too late” for Democrats who pushed critical race theory in schools and compared some concerned parents to “domestic terrorists,” simply for confronting school boards.

“I think it’s a little bit too late, unfortunately, for the Democrats. They have done the same thing that has worked for them for so long,” Trump told Fox News. “They get out there, they pander for votes. We saw in Virginia, gosh, they brought in the whole slate with Obama, with Biden, with Harris. They brought them all out because they thought, Gosh, what we’ve always been doing has been working so well, and what they got was a real wake-up call and it was that parents are not buying it anymore.”

“Gosh, isn’t it interesting that parents don’t want their kids taught hateful rhetoric in school – critical race theory? Isn’t it crazy that they don’t want to be called domestic terrorists?” she added. “That they want their kids to live in a safe society, a lawful society? So I think there’s going to be more pushback. I think it’s driven a lot of people who were independents and some Democrats over to the Republican side. Think we’re going to see it more in ‘22 and ’24.”

Trump isn’t the only one predicting that a red wave is coming, as many others feel the same way. Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) went on Fox News on Thursday to say that in the wake of Democrats’ devastating defeat in Virginia, he sees a red wave coming as well.

“They [Dems] are out in left field,” Scott explained. “They aren’t even talking to where Americans are. Americans are fed up with inflation. They are fed up with Democrats trying to indoctrinate their kids in school. Fed up with defunding the police. Fed up with the vaccine mandate that will kill jobs.”

“If you look at the polls that we do at The National Republican Committee, suburban voters have come our way. Hispanic voters have come our way and you could see it in the Virginia race,” he added. “I’m very optimistic we have a great November 2022. We’ll take back the Senate and stop the radical left-wing craziness that the Democrats are doing.”While 2020 was a rough one for us all, things are certainly looking up in 2022!