Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich spoke out on Friday to call out the current Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her “dictatorship,” saying  that any Democrat in a swing district who votes for President Joe Biden’s spending bill is “voting to retire,” arguing the bill will hurt Democrats in 2022.

“Of course they don’t know what they’ll vote on,” Gingrich told Fox News. “This is a dictatorship. It was a dictatorship in 2009 and a year later they lost 64 seats. We’re saying a replay of this. I say no Republican should vote for anything today in the Pelosi dictatorship. If any Republican does vote with Pelosi they should assume there will be a primary opponent campaigning against them. … This is an absurdity, it’s an insult to the country, and it’s an insult to the whole constitutional process.”

“To ram a bill through that hasn’t been scored, hasn’t been read, nobody has a clue what they are doing,” he added. “It’s the essence of a machine and Pelosi is the most powerful dictator to ever sit in the speaker’s chair. This isn’t the Congress, this isn’t the traditional House, this is a petty dictatorship run by somebody determined to get what she wants. The country voted consistently on Tuesday against this very kind of thing. I think any Democrat who is in a marginal district and that’s probably 70 or 80 Democrats. If any of them vote for this, they are voting to retire.”

Gingrich had previously accused Pelosi of running a “dictatorship” when he attacked her spending bills back in September during another Fox News appearance.

“Well, I think the country loses and I think—first of all—with the very few exceptions, maybe Manchin and Sinema, there aren’t any real moderates in the Democratic Party,” Gingrich said. “When push came to shove and in August every single Democrat in the Senate, every single Democrat in the House voted for a big socialist bill—that big government, socialist bill that Bernie Sanders wrote.”

“I mean, how can you have a clearer message than to have an open socialist write a bill which, by the way, probably scores a $5 trillion, not $3.5 trillion; has $3 trillion in tax increases; hires 85,000 new IRS agents to harass taxpayers; apparently, according to one reading, provides for free community college for illegal immigrants so all these people at the border will get to go to college at the taxpayer’s expense cause nothing is free,” he added. “That means it’s a taxpayer-provided college. It’s taxpayer-provided healthcare and so I think that this is going to be a fascinating week. Pelosi has been very tough. She runs a dictatorship. She’s been twisting arms. She’s now starting to break them.”