One group that has been targeting STARRS is The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). Mikey Weinstein, an Air Force Academy graduate who founded the MRFF, described STARRS as “a veritable rogues gallery of fundamentalist Christian nationalist villains with whom we have crossed swords in the past years of our civil rights advocacy and activism.”

“This organization has all the earmarks of being a pernicious hate group spewing racist and religious superiority to perpetuate the position of straight, white male Christian privilege,” he continued, according to The Colorado Springs Indy.

The MRFF claims that the foundational aspects of STARRS are “pervasive prejudice, bigotry, evil, base, vile conspiratorial, and ubiquitous ‘hatred of the other.’” This group  later posted a column on Daily Kos that compared STARRS to “the same combination of Trump-worship, white supremacy, and Christian nationalism that we saw on January 6.”

Peter Nickitas, national staff judge advocate for Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America, released a statement of his own saying that his group “supports MRFF 100 percent” on the STARRS issue.

Despite this backlash, retired Air Force Col. Ron Scott is standing by STARRS, which he founded after seeing a video in which Air Force Academy coaches and players asserted a commitment to anti-racism in July 2019. This video left Scott and others “a little concerned,” so they filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Academy seeking racial discrimination complaints to support claims that the Academy suffers from systemic racism.

Documents that they were given in response showed that there were just 55 complaints of discrimination, which also included gender and other types of bias, over the course of fourteen years.

“Does slightly less than four per year suggest systemic racism?” Scott questioned.

As for the argument that people at the Academy are not reporting discrimination due to fears of reprisal, which makes the numbers falsely lower, Scott said, “That’s hypothetical and speculative. We can only address what we know. The AFA claims there is ‘systemic racism’ and we want to know whether that is based on evidence and, if so, what is that evidence?”

STARRS is now trying to get similar information from other military academies across the country.

One of the goals that Scott has with his group is to educate the public about the fact that he feels that Black Lives Matter is trying to overturn the U.S. Constitution.

“We disagree with some ideology that’s penetrating our educational institutions, media, all aspects of [the] American way of life, [and] we just want to make sure people are exposed to a broad range of information,” he said.

This “woke” radicalization of the U.S. military is nothing short of a matter of national security, and we will all pay for it if something is not done to stop it soon. God bless STARRS for continuing to fight the good fight, even while having to contend with the predictable yet despicable accusations of racism from leftwing groups.

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