Things got heated on the ABC talk show “The View” on Tuesday morning when host Whoopi Goldberg got into a heated exchange about race with guest host NBC Sports broadcaster Michele Tafoya. Things started to derail as the women on the show talked about how race should be taught in this country to young children .

“Why are we even teaching that the color of the skin matters? Because to me, what matters is your character and your values,” Tafoya began, with Goldberg replying, “Yes, but you know — you live in the United States. You know that color of the skin has been mattering to people for years.”

“Can’t we change it that it doesn’t?” Tafoya fired back.

“Well, we need white people to step up and do that,” Goldberg replied, at which time Tafoya said, “But I think they have been doing that since the Civil War. I’m not saying it’s perfect.”

This did not sit well with the “woke” Goldberg, who enjoys race-baiting on a daily basis on “The View” like it’s her job.

“No! No, no, no, they haven’t,” a visibly upset Goldberg said.

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“What do you mean they haven’t?” Tafoya asked.

“Listen, when you have a country, or let’s talk about a state — where somebody can be hung from a tree, and it’s OK?” Goldberg questioned, seemingly outrageously behaving as if lynching is legal in any of the states in this country.

“That is not OK,” Tafoya exclaimed, to which Goldberg said, “Well, it was OK. It was OK in the South. People did it all the time. People would run you down.”

“Not that long ago,” cohost Joy Behar chimed in, with the super-liberal Sunny Hostin adding, “There are still lynching going on today.”

“They are lynching people,” Goldberg said in agreement, ignoring the fact that if even one lynching were to happen in this country today, the “woke” mainstream media would make sure that it was the top news story for weeks.

“I love having this conversation because I feel like it’s important,” Goldberg continued. “You know, when my grandpa came back from World War I, he still had to step off the sidewalk to let somebody go.”

“That makes me sick,” Tafoya said, beaten down by Goldberg and her “woke” cohosts.

“It should. We need more people to feel like that so we can get to the place everybody thought we were with race and all the conversations,” Goldberg said, appearing to be happy that she had won this exchange and convinced another person to live in the past when it comes to race relations.

“But America has had her reckoning,” she continued. “It continues to happen because unless we can say, ‘This is what the country was like. This is what we don’t want to be anymore.’ We have to teach the little ones to respect people because you’ll be around people, you’ll see people, you’ll hear people say things that won’t make sense to you. This is what happens in the country because we’re not past that.”

The left is trying to use critical race theory to indoctrinate our children and make them feel ashamed of this great country in the hopes that they will grow up to be militant leftists themselves. This exchange on “The View” is yet another example of just how far liberals will go to make this happen.

We can’t let them get away with this.